We have a unique way to reward and enhance the collecting experience, making it even more enjoyable.


Some people say "Steak" or "Stake," but here at West Side, we call it "Skate" because that's who we are. You can skate to earn points that you can use to purchase grails, exclusive 1/1 art drops, and participate in raffles.


Collect and earn grails, an exclusive space where you can unlock badges for each Nine you own. Elevate your collecting experience and have even more fun. Don't miss out on the seasonal grails, where exciting tasks and challenges await, allowing you to earn digital or physical items.


Carefully crafted IRL merchandise and collectible items from the West Side to the world.

Premium Goods

Nine Holders will receive exclusive access to Nine brand merchandise, including shirts, hoodies, socks, caps, and much more.

Special Edition Collectibles

Stunning concept art prints and rare Nine figures can be exclusively purchased by Nine Holders, and there are also select general items available for non-holders to enhance Nine awareness.


A skate park where you can express yourself freely.

The West Side is a creative haven. It's a lively community that loves to explore, seize new opportunities, and collaborate to create amazing experiences on the internet.

Join our Discord and let your true self shine. Skate and vibe, that's all you need to do.



Exclusive access to the next collections, art, positive vibe, and community-curated lo-fi and chill albums.

Community Lo-fi and Chill Albums

A special collection of lo-fi and chill albums crafted by the community and shared on Youtube and Spotify for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to kickstart your day, nail those skate tricks, or wind down with calming sunset vibes.

Art and Story

Experience freshness and entertainment with our concept art wallpapers, Twitter banners, memes, and GIF drops. Dive into captivating short stories about the West Side skate park to cure your boredom. Join us as we make these creations public, inviting everyone to be part of the fun.


Platform for all Nines to embark on their creative branding journey, allowing each individual to choose their own pace while we provide everything you need.

Nine Hub

Visuals are essential if you want to be noticed and increase engagement, and we understand how to help you achieve this. In Nine Hub, you will be able to choose templates, content, and assets for Twitter banners, threads, or even a simple GM message from your favorite Nine, and all this content will perfectly match the Nine you own.


Community Empowerment and IP Collaboration

Through our commitment to community-driven initiatives, the Nine team is proud to offer exclusive grants and licensing opportunities to exceptional entrepreneurial ventures that elevate the Nine brand and its services.


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Jan. 3, 2009

Drawing inspiration from sketch and canvas, we're not just unveiling a roadmap. Our mission is to collaboratively build the West Side into the dopest community and brand in web3.

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